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For more than 85 years, Huseby, Inc. has been on the leading edge of the legal industry by providing high-quality court reporting, trial support, and litigation services. They wanted to provide a more secure solution for remote deposition, trial testimony, witness preparation, and legal meetings. The eSyncTraining development team was challenged to deliver a secure, modern, cost-effective custom solution.


As part of its mission to provide its clients with innovative, new legal service offerings, Huseby partnered with eSyncTraining to develop a digital platform that incorporated live video capabilities with a real-time transcription feed, exhibit presentation, private chat, and other interactive technologies to support convenient and efficient legal proceedings. Using Adobe Connect and Adobe Acrobat Pro, this custom solution offers unparallelled features that mirror face-to-face conversations with a document-intensive, fully integrated, and customized environment.


eSyncTraining offers a broad spectrum of professional services for our clients’ development needs. Our expert team is experienced in Adobe Flex applications, Adobe Connect 8 custom pods, eLearning courses with a specialized focus on the Flash Platform, Rich Internet and mobile Applications, and can execute on all types of user interface design. We have developed applications and web assets for firms of all sizes, from simple branding websites through cutting-edge Flex applications, custom shopping solutions, and integrated data visualization and dashboard solutions for some of the world’s leading companies.

To find out more eSyncTraining's services for your firm's specific development needs, please call 800-348-6110 or email at