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Adobe Connect Monitor

Adobe Connect Monitor

Empower your producers, virtual classroom administrators, or IT support staff to oversee your entire set of Adobe Connect meetings from a single console. Ideal for organizations running several Adobe Connect meetings simultaneously. Available for Hosted, On-Premise and Adobe Connect Managed Services accounts

Support and monitor of all of your Adobe Connect meeting rooms from a single console

The interface allows you to set up previews into each room as well as set up an active log of support requests. The automated list captures the name, time, and Adobe Connect room of the user and provides system information such as OS, and plug-in status. Adobe Connect room thumbnails refresh every 15 seconds, ensuring up-to-date data transfer. If an issue occurs, the administrator has the ability to join the Connect room from the thumbnail in one click.

Enable remote management of your Adobe Connect meeting rooms to ensure smooth and efficient meetings every time. Remove incidents from your meetings faster and easier with an “in-room” virtual support manager

Tired of waiting for support assistance during your live meeting? The new support chat pod gives you the ability to request assistance in real-time, keeping the flow of your meeting intact. The bi-directional communication of the chat pod enables support to reach out to the individual person or meeting room to provide immediate live assistance.

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