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OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM AT ESYNCTRAININGThe leaders others look to in the design and development communities.

Mike Kollen, President / Chief Architect

Mike has extensive experience as a lead web technology developer and instructor in a synchronous training environment. He has also built and designed over 60 websites and served as a Lead Architect for multiple web 1.0 and dynamic 2.0 RIA applications. In addition, Mike is the Co-Founder of the Boeing Flex and ColdFusion User Groups and an Adobe Certified Flex and ColdFusion Instructor. For years, he has educated aspiring to high-end web development professionals at The Boeing Company, pioneering a synchronous learning program through UC Irvine and serving as the Chief Architect for the Web E-Synchronous Training division to Boeing employees. For his efforts, Mike received the UC Irvine 2007 Dean’s Outstanding Service and the 2005 Distinguished Instructor of the Year Awards. During the last five years, he has logged over 5,000 hours of live synchronous training using both Adobe Connect and WebEx.

While his students are located around the globe, Mike is a native of California and currently resides in Orange County with his family.