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YouTube Player for Connect

YouTube Player for Connect

Integrating video content into virtual meetings has, until recently, been an awkward and unwieldy process. Utilizing eSyncTraining’s YouTube Pod, users can incorporate YouTube videos into real-time Adobe Connect meetings, coordinate video viewing, add annotations, clarify information and allow for a more dynamic response to questions.

Adobe Connect Mobile / Desktop Ready!

The YouTube Player Pod enables users to create a seamless virtual meeting experience that avoids many of the pitfalls of video-based sharing such as interruptions, user error, file conversion, and lack of real-time engagement. The YouTube player within Adobe Connect follows the same rules and restrictions as YouTube, and cannot be used to bypass any current policies.

eSyncTraining YouTube Player Features:

• On-demand video: Instantly stream, pause, rewind and fast-forward as needed
• Playlist construction: Build and search through your own playlists or utilize pre-existing playlist libraries
• Enhanced search: Paste a YouTube specific video or playlist URL, or drop in a video ID tag, filtering results
• Multi-device support: Live meetings can be accessed on any modern computer or tablet
• Annotations: Pause the video, draw on a frame, zoom in on features, and save annotation images
• Adobe Connect Recordings: Synchronized playback in Adobe Connect Recording
• Video caching: Allow the host to provide a synchronized playback experience

Whitepapers & Downloads

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    Fact Sheet: YouTube 3.0 Fact Sheet

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